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2013: Year in Review

A Year in Review: Year 1 of the New Comic 1 Books

The Passing of a Legend: Tom Laing (June 30th, 1949 - May 27th, 2013)

Yes, sadly we lost Tom Laing on May 27th, 2013. You can read our article on Tom and the history of Comic 1 Books, as well as the new store and owners who hope to keep the legacy going on our "About Us" page on our website.

Our first year proved to be a successful one, with our first year anniversary just around the corner. we had a soft opening last July (2013) when we paid our first rent check at 67 King St., but didn't really have a funcitoning store until August. It was still quite bare compared to today, but it grew quickly, and many old subscribers came back. We are very greatful to all who returned and remained loyal to their store in the creek. We have since held Magic tournaments, had a huge Halloween party and I am personally working on a new comic book which will be advertised at this years FanExpo. I think this is just a small taste of what the positive future holds for Comic 1.

We continue to grow, gain new subscribers, and are now an integral part of revitalizing the downtown core of Stoney Creek. With local businesses, we have started Saturdays in the Creek, which is one of the ongoing ventures we are implementing to make this city vibrant and worth travelling to again. Come out and walk around, see whats happening and support local businesses!

For the second year in a row we have been nominated for the Spectators Reader's Choice Awards (honestly, we pressured nobody to vote for us!).

All I can think to add otherwise, is that we plan to continue improving our store, besides working on new fixtures and such, we keep improving our methods to have and get the books our customers want at fair prices. We have lots planned, and hope to continue making our customers and city proud, and keep honouring the good name of Comic 1 Books that Tom created.

All the best,

Casey, Bob and Paolo

Comic 1 Books

July 30th, 2014


ICheck out this article series from Chuck Rozanski and his experience at San Diego Comic Con. You may have to flip around on the site and choose the dates at the end of July pertaining to the convention to get the whole gist, but it is worth the read. He is a man after our own hearts who had a rather sad experience after going to the convention for about forty years. I think there is a case for missing what was good about conventions and collectors of the past who weren't out for profit but for the love of comic books. Could be a wake up call to a sad state of affairs to come for this fragile and still under appreciated medium.


July 30th


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